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Cyber Resilience


We specialise in helping organisations in the voluntary and community sector across Ireland to improve and implement measures to protect against cyber threats, ensure a recovery and response plan is in place and maintain this on an ongoing basis.


Cyber resilience is the ability to prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber attacks.

It can be defined under 4 main groups:





This first section involves dealing with Cyber Resilience as a Risk Management approach. Identify, analyse and evaluate where your cyber risks are across your entire IT infrastructure and supply chain.

Basic protection elements need to be assessed and implemented where necessary to protect information and systems from cyber attacks, system failures and unauthorised access. These systems need to be operational, maintained and checked frequently.

Manage & Protect

- Identity and Access Control


- Staff Awareness Training


- Encryption


- Physical & Environmental Security


- Patch Management

- Systems Security

- Asset Management

- Patch Management

- Malware Protection

Your organisations reputation can be assessed by how you respond to incidents. Make the decision to have a good incident response policy ready for when you need it.

Plan for the worst and hope you never need to implement it by having a continuity plan for both your organisation and ICT functionality. If the worst should happen, be clear and honest with your customer and authorities. Have a process written down that can be easily followed after any incident large or small.

Respond & Recover

- ICT Continuity Planning

- Business Continuity Planning

- Incident Management

- Communications

Detect & Identify

- Active Detection

- Security Monitoring

This involves continual monitoring and reviewing of security systems, system logs analysis and frequent network checking for anomolies or potential misuse.

This can be either automated or infrequent scanning using recognised tools to check for weaknesses in security, unusual activity or general vulnerabilities. This can involve penetration testing from inside or outside your organisation.

Cyber Guardian uses industry standard tools to scan for these weaknesses and carry out appropriate fixes.

Good Cyber Resilience begins at the top. Having a standing board-level agenda item ensures that it is not an issue that goes away or gets landed with your resident tech guy.

A commitment to improving your cyber security standpoint as well as having policies and continuity plans gives peace of mind to your trustees and staff. Consider gaining your Cyber Essentials accreditation and show that you take your organisation;s security seriously. Seek continual improvement and assessment in all areas, it cannot be a box-ticking exercise.

Govern & Assure

- Board-level Commitment

- Creditation / Validation

- Risk management Programme

- Continual Improvement & Auditing

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